Upside of Downsizing to a Trailerable Trawler (TRAILER TRAWLER LIFE Book 1)

The Archaeology of Watercraft Abandonment
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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Jim and Lisa Favors continue their boating adventures on their boat Kismet , a Ranger Tugs R27, after downsizing from a foot trawler. They begin this eBook series by sharing their in-depth research before buying their boat while also highlighting the inherent benefits and issues of trailerable boating.

There is a lot of technical information a future 'TugNut' will want to know, such as what requirements are needed in a truck to tow a boat long-distances and what features to look for in a trailer. We shared the specs and options we choose in a trailerable boat and explain why we made each decision" "Trailerable boating is the wave of the future in boating and a choice more boaters will be making in years to come as it is a far more economical and flexible way to explore the myriad of divergent waterways in the United States and Canada.

Cruising Logs: trailertrawlerlife. Cruising Logs: boatus. Product Details About the Author. Cruising Logs for five years. They have authored two other books on boating, When the Water Calls… We Follow about the Great Loop boating adventure , and Women On Board Cruising 25 women share their experiences of long-distance cruising.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A favor del viento AdN. Joshua Johannssen ha pasado toda su vida entre veleros.

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Buy Upside of Downsizing to a Trailerable Trawler (TRAILER TRAWLER LIFE Book 1): Read 15 Kindle Store Reviews - If the idea of downsizing to a smaller boat has appeal, the Favors' e-book, Upside of living aboard, gave up their comfortable foot trawler for a trailerable “ One of the beauties of this plan,” the Favors wrote as they were planning their.

Many friends have become interested in this project and now 3 more hulls are in work. I want to thank you for the successful project. Best regards! Igor V. Andrew was anxious to see how the Roberts Spray 22 would handle as a single-handedboat. Most of his sailing is done either alone or with his wife as crew, and generally he likes tohandle the boat on his own. The day started off with thesoutheaster blowing at a steady 10 knots.

The Upside of Downsizing

Potter eventually worked alongside his childhood chum, L. Roberts Spray 38 S. Writers, photographers, distribution drivers, editors, graphic designers—it takes a village to produce PropTalk. I am lifting her out later this month for antifouling and I am using Cuprotect System as it is guaranteed 5 years and purported to be a 10 year plus treatment. About this book Introduction The historical importance and archaeological potential of deliberately discarded watercraft has not been a major feature of maritime archaeological enquiry.

At this wind speed, the Spray 22 carried her full gaff mainsail with ease - a great feeling as she sliced through the short chop. Soon the wind piped up to 15 knots. She sailed closer to the breeze than I had hoped. I guess the proportionally deeper keel was doing its job. OK, so far so good. The boat was mostsatisfactory upwind, and as I had some experience with the Roberts Spray 33 this did not come as a total surprise.

I expected at least creditable upwind performance. By now, the wind had increased to 25 knots and it was time to take in a reef.

Free [PDF] Downlaod Upside of Downsizing to a Trailerable Trawler (TRAILER TRAWLER LIFE Book 1)

With the jiffy reefing set-up we have, reefing the gaff mainsail could be handled by one person, again a nice thought for my single handing in the future. Sailing downwind and reaching were something of an anticlimax. Almost anything will perform well on these points of sailing. The Spray scooted along, feeling comfortable and secure at all times.

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It is certainly a boat for the whole family to enjoy and a boat I will be most happy to single-hand at any time. For those who prefer it, a Bermudan sail plan is now available, which will appeal to those who want the simplest of rigs. The Spray 22 is easily trailerable and although we do not recommend this boat as long distance voyager; many Spray 22's have made some interesting passages. Hi Bruce, I took the Kangaroo out for a another hop today in a force Pure pleasure!!!

Slow graceful movement, balanced helm , stable like a rock. The mainsheet purchase works fine now after some minor modification. Other boats on the bay where heeling over far and their crews busy pulling strings. I was drinking coffee with my wife in the cockpit.

TRAWLER VS SAILBOAT Which Is Better For Live-aboard And Cruising?

Regards Asi. I have owned it some 25 years, and it was built 30 years ago. Still excellent, and wouldn't change it. I have a question which to date have not been able to get an answer to, and hope you can help. It is at the age for 'Eventide' and am wondering if a smaller motor could be fitted to give more space, and same performance, say 18hp. Home made sails, this is the second set.

The present masts we had made in Malaysia of 3mm steel and hot dipped. Cheaper than the timber ones, and lighter. This boat saved our lives 4 years ago, when we were hit at night by a large trawler see Noonsite for details Extensive damage, but no leaks, and managed to get into port in one piece.

Needless to say the trawler did a runner, and nothing was investigated by the maritime authorities here. We spent 19 months repairing the damage.

Upside of Downsizing to a Trailerable Trawler (TRAILER TRAWLER LIFE)

New steel plates, deck, flat bar etc. One of several Bruce Roberts previously owned boats. We recommend that you read this hardcover book - Order now and we will pay the postage. My wife and I have completed a Spray 38 in We bought the boat plans in from your UK rep. It took me 5 years to complete her and she is junk rig. The boat looked after us magnificently.

The Favors share their research while highlighting the inherent benefits of trailerable boating…

Even in 42 knots of wind sailing hard on the wind she behaved impeccably. The junk rig works well on a Spray and I can recommend it.

About this book

Next year we are heading to Turkey to continue our cruising. I have just finished painting the hull and primer under water line. I am very pleased with the result and I hope you agree.