Steam Boilers and Turbines for Power Plants (Engineering SoundBites)

Basics of Geothermal Energy Production and Use
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Was it coined by the Green-industrial complex? As a citizen of the U. I feel a great affinity with Europe because my ancestors came from there. Irish, English, German, Swedish, Prussian. WTF is Merkel thinking? Progressive idiocy? If it was my wife, daughter, girlfriend, etc, I would be out for blood from these anti social, pig, muslim pieces of crap and kick them all out back to where they come from.

Go back to your slum, scum and keep to yourselves like you are doing anyway everywhere you go. Is Europe lost now, after years of keeping the rapists and killers out? Pardon me, those of you who may take offense to my rant. This is a clash of a civilized society against a very anti civilized group of brainwashed from birth anti social psychopaths. This says as much about the amoral nature of capitalism as it does about green stupidity.

Taking money from one group of people in order to subsidize your friends is socialism, it has nothing to do with capitalism. Governments taking the money unfairly as a subsidy is socialism. Accepting it is amoral no matter who accepts it. Capitalism is the economic system that is based on the recognition of the right of the individual to own property, including himself and the fruits of his labor.

The individual who finds this to be immoral is properly known as a cannibal. This is amoral by definition. Fish, for example, are amoral. So what you are actually saying, intentionally or unintentionally, is that capitalism, and by extension Drax, is neither moral nor immoral.

Energy Innovation and Policy

No, but they do have an evil superhero called Drax the Destroyer. Quite apt, I would say. Amoral, the lot of them. Not my opinion, apparently it is by definition. The other alternative for Drax is to be closed down by the government in so they made the choice and took the money.


Drax is a large coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire, England, capable of co-firing biomass and petcoke, and its name comes from the nearby village of Drax. Hidden categories: CS1: Julian—Gregorian uncertainty All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Commons category link is locally defined Commons category link is on Wikidata. The ideal condition arises when the jet gives up all its energy to the blade and leaves it with zero speed. People should continue to express their views, but people only vote on economic values. Sweetening 3. World energy outlook

Capitalism works best with minimal government interference. The losers are the population through higher bills and fewer jobs as industries close down.

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Some people strangely think the UK has a right wing conservative government. This initiative started under the Labour Govt of Gordon Brown. I was working in Yorkshire at the time and heard the stories in How anybody ever thought that clear-felling US forests, chipping the wood and then shipping it miles to burn it was a better idea than using the coal that Drax is sitting on top of that being the reason why it was built there and not somewhere else is beyond me. The problem? Wood pellets were manufactured in Sand Point Idaho by a corporation named Lignetics.

They were then shipped miles by diesel truck to Wyoming where they were burned. No one stopped to think about the particulates pumped into the air by the diesel trucks. The release of the carbon atoms is done in a instant in term of tree lifetime. The justification for burning wood and not coal is that mother Earth will make more wood and not coal in a time comparable with human life and economic expectancy we do economic planning for the next decades and the heads of state plan for the next centuries. There are plenty of good uses for trees.

It is downright stupid, in fact. Now add the cost of shipping it across an ocean, and all the consequent additional trucking, loading and unloading until it reaches its destination and you have insanity. Latitude There are plenty of good uses for oil. And it has the tendency to spontaneously combust. These wood pellets have to be kept damp, to stop a conflagration. I am wondering when the first wood-chip cargo vessel will go down in flames. I have to wonder just how much using North American tree pellets as fuel really gets them.

Boiler-Condensate and Feed Water System-Principle-Components-Problemsشرح نظام المتكاثف والمياه ا

The CO2 produced in the process of chopping down, pelletising and all the transport to and from the processing points must add up. I also have a very nice bridge for sale. That would cost a lot less, and the end result would be the same as burning trees today. I strongly object to the image used to promote your article. That said only liberal idiots could conceive a scam to burn our forests to produce electricity—in any country.

John A. Alic

Um, no, its a picture of the Drax coal power plant, according to Wikipedia see the image top right. For some reason Americans tend to Associate parabolic cooling towers with nuke plants. Not sure why. Water on the surface of a hot steel surface a tube transfers heat energy by several DIFFERENT boiling conditions: nucleate boiling, film boiling, water-to-water vapor directly, water-to-saturated steam, water-to-superheated steam, etc.

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Each depends on water flow rate, heat transfer rate, cleanliness of the water and steam, percent of steam present, flow rate of the steam, etc, etc, etc. No long-term problems. Not trivial at any time, but recoverable. The gas turbine heat recovery steam generator or the coal-fired boiler is expensive, but they are direct heat transfer units: a very hot gas on one side of the tube, and the water being heated on the other side of the tube.

Just about as simple as you can get in the complicated world of thermodynamics and fluid flow. A nuke is different. It starts with fuel pellets ceramic cylinders sliding not a perfectly solid fit! So, the pellet heats up, transfers heat through the ceramic to the gap to the inside wall of the tube, through the tube,, through that boiling heat transfer film to the water outside the tube. See the losses? Result is the entire reactor on average is running MUCH less efficient much cooler than is theoretically possible for the rest of the reactor all of the time.

Again, lower temperatures mean less efficient heat transfer. So, because of their lower heat transfer efficiency, nuke plants must reject send to the cooling water and cooling air MORE heat energy than fossil plants for the SAME output electrical power sent to the power lines. But it gets even worse than that!

But it is even worse than that! Those plants have to transfer all of THEIR heat through the reactors tubes to the primary water, transfer that hot primary water out of the reactor to the steam generator, then transfer that heat through the steam generator tubes to the final outside secondary steam water, then to the turbine. Cleaner, less radioactive, easier and cheaper to maintain, etc, etc. But still less efficiently produced than a comparable fossil-fueled gigawatt of electricity.

More engineers, more QA techs and radcon techs and enviro techs, and more secretaries and copiers and security staff and more tooling technicians and more test engineers, more procedure writers and trainers and evaluators, etc, etc. Running a 1 or 2 unit nuke plant in the winter rejects a lot of heat energy to the local water supply a lake, bay, or river. Running the same 1 or 2 nuke plants in the summer rejects MORE heat energy into that same local body of water lake, bay, or river. The best, least costly, way to heat up the air is through the hyperbolic cooling towers.

Drax is a large coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire, England, capable of co-firing biomass and petcoke, and its name comes from the nearby village of Drax.

It is situated on the River Ouse between Selby and Goole. Opened in and extended in the mids, the station was initially operated by the Central Electricity Generating Board. Since privatisation in ownership has changed several times, and it is operated by Drax Group plc. Completed in , it is the newest coal-fired power station in England, flue gas desulphurisation equipment was fitted between and ; high and low pressure turbines were replaced between and The station was c. Carbon burning thermal power plants need cooling towers just like nuclear powered plants.