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So conservators must sometimes clean the books, documenting every splotch they remove so the full story of the book is preserved. Celia Sack, 45, collects old cookbooks, and she opened Omnivore Books in San Francisco, in part, to feed her habit.


She sells plenty of new cookbooks, but her shop has also become a repository for antiquarian volumes and other important work. Sack said. In Nashville, three writers joined this year to celebrate the analog beauty of a well-used cookbook page. They asked 18 cooks, some professionals and some novices, to select a meaningful recipe of their own and write about why it mattered. The women and their recipes were photographed. The novelist Alice Randall, 56, is one of the women in the exhibit. At the heart of the book, which covers four generations, is a collection of more than a thousand cookbooks left to Ms.

Williams by her grandmother, a Nashville librarian who read cookbooks like novels.

Even the titles of the books her grandmother collected speak to her. Her mother, Ms. Randall, is a much messier cook, and her books reflect it. She describes her mother as distant. For comfort, Ms.

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Randall watched old Julia Child cooking shows and taught herself to cook from her books. Later, at Harvard, she did an independent study with Child. She has made vats of it, starting when she was the young bride of a State Department official, because it seemed suitable for entertaining.

You mention your mom throughout the The Messy Baker and she has obviously been a huge inspiration for you. Is there one thing she has taught you that you can't imagine not knowing today? Our attitudes, and selling what we create.

When It Comes to Marinating Your Meat, the Third Dip's the Charm

We really undermine ourselves with an attitude. If my mom made a cake that got dried out, she found a way to reinvent that recipe and you would just love whatever she presented. She made trifle, she did parfaits, you name it. If the cookies burned, she would scrape up all of the burned bits and would convert them to cookie crumbs for a pie crust.

She could take anything and turn it into a positive and we would love everything she made. It puts one more barrier between them and the finished product, and all it takes is one barrier for most people to walk away.

Is there one tool you believe everyone needs to own? This is my go-to: a Microplane. You know, I should have shares in the Microplane stock.

I love them. It has replaced my garlic press and my need for many other gadgets. I also freeze ginger and grate it on a Microplane. It just transforms into this amazing powder. You get all of the flavour without all of the fuss. Where did you learn all of these tricks to fix common kitchen disasters?

A lot of the answers came from my mom, but many of them were things that I learned on my own because I was a university student that knew how to bake but knew little about cooking. I moved to London, England and thought their chili powder was like our chili powder here in Canada.

Messy kitchens and badass ladies: how Samin Nosrat will change the face of TV cooking shows

Some of these things I learned simply because I had made a mistake. For years I burned rice. I have a whole section at the back of the cookbook on adjusting cake pan sizes. Though my editor initially wanted to leave this section out, I insisted because some people just have one pan. It may be an eight-inch round pan when a recipe calls for a nine-inch round pan. I frequently do marinated meats and then he just finishes it on the grill.

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