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The Hamlet is the last stop for those who are running from their past. It's a place where the rejects end up, the soldiers too broken to fight, the penitent thieves, the mad scientists and scholars. And the first among them are Reynauld and Dismas: men consumed by their own sins, seeking redemption on the Old Road Unwittingly discovering its secret. A multi-chapter story about a group of unlucky adventurers, and the importance of companionship when you're fighting otherwordly monsters every day.

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Will have the occasional sex scene. See chapter notes for specific warnings. The Hargroves come to Indiana one year early. The town of Hawkins is all abuzz about its first missing persons case in decades, but all Billy cares about is figuring out how much Steve Harrington really wants to date the stick-in-the-mud Nancy Wheeler and whether he can stop that from happening. One of Nora's favorite foods was pancakes, specifically it was her second favorite food.

Oral Fixation: (Oral Sex Erotica: An Erotic Cunnilingus Sex Story)

If you asker her what her favorite was she would tell you to ask her girlfriend Pyrrha and if you asked Pyrrha she would blush and look away. While shelving books for his scholarly husband, Link's fantasies about Shad's lips lead to some Explore Now.

Buy As Gift. Overview When Eva goes to an intimate hotel room party with her girlfriends and a few hot guys, it turns into a strip poker night and memorable sleepover. After flirting with sexy Don all night, she learns about his unforgettable oral sex skills, and gets an up close taste of his oral fixation.

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Warning: This erotica short story of about 3, words contains explicit sex and language for mature audiences only. Contains adult themes that may offend some, including: sexy strip poker, oral sex, hotel sex and many, hot multiple orgasms.

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Oral Fixation: Oral Sex Erotica - Kindle edition by Theresa Lombardi, Kylie Neal, Thomas Roche, Scott Walace, Simon Torrio, N.T. Morley. Download it once and. Oral Fixation: (Oral Sex Erotica: An Erotic Cunnilingus Sex Story) - Kindle edition by Kitty Fine. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author Kitty Fine writes scorching hot erotica stories, getting inspiration from her own wild days and her naturally naughty mind. A former Catholic school girl, stripper, sorority girl and nympho, she aims to please with her bad girl sex stories and her wicked imagination.

She writes steamy sex stories that make her readers as hot as she gets writing them. Average Review.

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