Fun Baby Shower Ideas And Games

15 Hilariously Fun Baby Shower Games
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Silliness is good, dumb games are unnecessary. A fun word puzzle or a quick guessing game is perfect. You don't need a lot of games, either. Guests will want to talk to each other and hear how mommy's doing; the games are just a bonus. Pick out a couple of games and use one to break the ice, then save one for later in the shower. It's not a bad idea to have a game as back up just in case the conversation starts to wane before the party's over. You'll also need to decide whether you'll be awarding prizes for the winners.


The prizes don't need to be anything large or fancy, just something to make them feel like they've won. Consider small candles, sachets, boxes of note cards, candy bars, refrigerator magnets, or any other small, universal gift. Start the games the moment guests walk into the door. This is a fun game that forces guests to pay good attention to one another, and it's really hard to avoid the keyword at a shower.

The challenge is half the fun. Give each guest a diaper pin to pin onto her shirt when she arrives at the shower.

Simple Baby Shower Games

When you're ready to begin the game, tell everyone they aren't allowed to say the word "baby," or they will forfeit their pin to the person who catches the mistake. The winner is the person with the greatest number of pins at the end of the party. Purchase a dozen or so baby food jars. Include meats, vegetables, fruits, and mixed varieties for extra fun.

30 Easy Baby Shower Games You’ll Love!

baby home > unique baby shower ideas > top 20 best baby shower games If you're looking for a fun, yet touching, baby shower game for your coed baby. Take a look at our inspiring baby shower game ideas to make the shower one to remember. Check out our tool to learn more about what you'll.

Cover the labels on the jars with a piece of opaque paper and write numbers on each. When you're ready to begin, give each guest a sheet of paper and a pencil, then open the jars. Guests will examine each jar of food, smelling it or even tasting if they like.

Then they have to guess what type of food it is. The guest who has the most correct answers wins. If you need more ideas, we have plenty to choose from.

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These are all very simple, and many don't require any special supplies beyond paper and pens. They're all challenging in some way, and all are sure to fill the room with laughter and smiles. This is a multi-sensory baby shower game, but it's not for anyone squeamish. What Stores Are Open on the 4th of July?

Here Are the Restaurants Open on the 4th of July.

A Huge List of Baby Shower Games That Aren't Lame

Twink and Sis. Baby Shower Scattergories. House That Lars Built. Guess That Book. Sweet September Blog. Late-Night Diapers.

Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games

Blindfolded Baby-Changing. You know what they say: Practice makes perfect! Paint By Numbers. Or how about a relaxing baby shower activity, like this creative paint-by-numbers idea? The Little Umbrella.

Decorate a Onesie. An oldie but a goodie! Fun Cheap and Free. Draw the Baby. Beyond the Screen Door. Guess Baby's Stats. Right and West. Baby Animals Matching Game. Baby Food Test. Advice Cards. Guess the Gender. Driven By Decor.

59 Fun Baby Shower Games & Activities - Spaceships and Laser Beams

Name That Baby. A Little Bit of Everything.

How Many Candies in the Baby Bottle? My Healthy Happy Home. My Water Broke. Cheers to baby!

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